Monday, 23 May 2016

‘The Family of Blood’

Do you like blood, Blud?

Of course you do - and that’s what you’ll get in this week’s Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast, the blood of dozens of young lads splattered across the English countryside - and what could be better than that? But that’s not all that’s in store for you, dear listeners. We have a series of deadly and easily destroyable scarecrow men, we have a whole range of acting choices and, most importantly, there’s the blood pumping through the, uh, heart of John Smith.

Yes, we’re afraid that after a really nice walk and half a date, John has fallen hard for the charms of Nurse Daisy Ridley and that’s going to prove somewhat problematic as he comes to the realisation that he’s actually space and time-faring swashbuckling mega-playa Doctor Who. Will John choose love or duty? Will he sacrifice his life and love for the greater cause? Will he hide in the wardrobe or under the bed?

So, join us, as we sit down to discuss what may well be one of the best stories of New Who to date!

'The Family of Blood' commentary

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Family of Blood book

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