Thursday, 30 June 2016


Blinkin' 'ell! It's only time for us to discuss 'Blink'!

After a 'well deserved' (read: unjustified) break, the Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast is BACK and it's with a look at an episode that, in the nine years since its airing, has become incredibly significant. It introduced the Weeping Angels, arguably the most distinctive villains to emerge from New Who. It acted as a jumping off point for the career of Carey Mulligan. But, most importantly, it introduced us to the Moffat world of Timey Wimey Time Travel narratives that have come to be a huge component of the show's storytelling under his tenure as showrunner.

In many ways, this is the episode that truly solidified the idea of the 'Moffat Story' of a series being a particularly special event - yet this may arguably have become a doubled edged sword, as many of the elements in 'Blink' that appeared so fresh and assured would go on to characterise much of the storytelling in subsequent years - and not always to the show's credit.

So, join us, as we dive deep into the housebreaking world of Sally 'The Sparrow' Sparrow - and once you're there you'll never leave, never leave, never leave, never leave, never leave...

'Blink' commentary

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If brought don't blink!

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