Tuesday, 17 May 2016

'Human Nature'

Human nature - it's a funny old thing. Makes one man weep and makes another man sing. Wait, hang on. No, that's love, isn't it? Well, we're going to be getting more than our fair share of both of those this week as old Doctor Who has decided to go on his hollybobs and take a little time off from being dashing across all of space and time. He's gonna settle down for a bit in unspoiled early 20th Century England and do a spot of temp work, earn some cash and then scarper before World War One kicks off.

But that's not even all of what Doctor Who AKA Mr. John Smith will be experiencing. No, it's a return to the good old days of yore, when you had a gorgeous servant to bring you tea and to condescend, a gorgeous nurse to try and crack on with and a whole collection of lads that you can order to be beaten at a moment's notice.

So, get ready for John Smith and Maid Jones to go on tour, do a spot of role play and generally do as the Romans do!

'Human Nature' commentary

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