Monday, 1 December 2014

'The Doctor Dances'

Oh, what a lovely war!

Yes, after our hiatus to delve into the world of CAPALDO, we're getting back on the horse with Peter Ecclestone right where we left off - awkwardly in the middle of a two parter!

And it's almost as if the ghost of the Capaldi era has come back with us, as it's only a Stevie Moffat special -so as you can imagine there's loads of sex, smut, innuendo and filth. Yep, tensions are rising this week (SEXUAL tensions) as Captain Jack arrives on the scene, leaving Rose with the difficult decision of whether she would better destroy Mickey's soul by sleeping with Jack, the Doctor or Jack and the Doctor.

Who shall she pick? The pretty boy or the bit of rough? Oh, and something about some little boy ending the world happens as well, allegedly.

'The Doctor Dances' commentary

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