Sunday, 9 November 2014

'Death in Heaven'


Yep, although it feels approximately ten minutes since we were sat in the cinema to watch the CAPALDO debut with Deep Breath, it's apparently 12 or so weeks later, because here we are at the finale!

Carrying on form the distinctly Murky Water seen in last week's cracking episode we're faced with an extended 55-minute conclusion to the first 'Master' story in five years. But will this extended running time result in the episode having more room to breathe than certain other Moffat conclusions (we're looking at you, 'Wedding of River Song')?

More importantly, will this be the cherry on the cake of a strong freshman year for CAPALDO, or an unfortunate conclusion to an otherwise enjoyable run? Will Clara (aka Wideface) survive the series? Will The Master have a plan that makes the least bit of sense?

Find out - in the new Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast!

'Death in Heaven' commentary

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