Saturday, 1 November 2014

'Dark Water'


That was an uneventful episode, wasn't it? LOLZ JK, it was totally action packed. With it being the first part of the two part finale, it's hard to know how careful to be on the old spoilers front, as we on the podcast would hate to be responsible for ruining any surprises for folk - but what we will say is that the podcast itself is as spoilerific as it comes, so for Lord's sake, don't listen to a word of our ramblings until you've seen the episode through to the very end (as if you would).

Spoilers aside, we had a hell of a part one to enjoy this week, with the show taking some chances in choosing to tackle some pretty horrific subjects head on, maybe more so than ever before.

How it will all play out is anyone's guess at this point (possibly including Moffat), but one thing's for sure, Capaldi's first series is having a conclusion to remember!

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