Monday, 27 October 2014

'In The Forrest of the Night'

If you go down to the woods to the woods tonight you're in a for a big surprise - because there's an eccentric Scotsman loudly enthusing about trees to anyone who'll listen!

Yep, it's the last episode of the series before the two part finale kicks off its inevitable fireworks and in the meantime, it's time for some housekeeping, as the Doctor has let them weeds get right out of hand! So, we're armed with a hell of a concept, more wavey hands than even Matt Smith would approve of and the terror that is inherent in dealing with both children AND animals!

We might be a bit late with our review this week (we have social lives, honest!), but we had a blast joining Capaldo and Wideface in the Night Garden, so we hope you'll brush the vines aside, find a spare patch of soil and help us uncover one mother of an insurance scam!

'In The Forrest of the Night' commentary

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