Sunday, 7 September 2014

'Robot of Sherwood'

I say! You, over there in the trees! Be thee Robin Hood?

That's the question this week, listeners, as Capaldo decides to offer Clara a freebie in the TARDIS - and she requests a little jaunt back in time in the hopes of coming face to face with her hero, the prince of thieves himself.

But is he really the (allegedly) legendary Robin Hood? Or just another wind-up mechaboy in search of The Promise Land? Well, don't worry, none of that matters, because what truly matters is the Olympic level bickering we're to witness in this week's episode, with the prince of thieves in one corner at the last of the Time Lord's in the other!

So grab your golden arrow, dress yourself up like a fancy maiden and get ready to experience the Bums Rush!

'Robot of Sherwood' commentary

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