Sunday, 28 September 2014

'The Caretaker'

Ah, school days are the best days of your life - or so they say - and that's clearly the case for well renowned time traveller Doctor 'The Doctor' Who , as he's chosen to go back there and fight the forces of evil with just his wits and a broom!

So, after last week's relatively disappointing episode, will Capaldo strike back to prove that he has ALWAYS been the caretaker here? Well, signs are on his side. He's teaming up with romantic duo Wideface and Pinko, he's wearing his horrible spangly jumper, and his laying down surveillance equipment with the enthusiasm that only an old loner maintenance man truly can.

But with all these positive signs, does the episode deliver? Are the LOLZ many and varied? Find out, with this week's Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast!

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A Doctor Who comic wrote by Gareth Roberts

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