Saturday, 27 February 2016

‘Smith & Jones’

Oh my, it’s Martin Jones and John Smith - ON TOUR!

Yep, we’re finally kicking off a brand new series of the Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast (depending on how you look at The Runaway Bride) and our good friend The Doctor (aka Doctor Who) is both on the rebound and on the pull. He’s a roving space playa looking for a new bit of skirt to join him on his incessant travels and it looks like he’s found one - in the shape of incompetent Doctor Martin Jones!

But Martin’s incompetence is the least of their worries, because as The Doctor will tell you, there’s a Judoon Platoon Upon The Moon and that means all kinds of shit is going down. So, put on your leathers, ready your rubbish straw and get ready to eject some radiation through your foot - we’re shooting for the moon!

'Smith & Jones' commentry

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