Tuesday, 9 February 2016

'Moffat's Gone'

The Pulse!

That’s where WHINECAST keeps its finger and as such, we’ve decided to deliver a timely discussion on the SHOCK NEWS that Steven Moffat is pressing the ABDICATE button and ceding control of Doctor Who to Broadchest writer Chris Chenobyly. This is BIG NEWS ‘round these parts so we’re gonna give this topic the airtime it bloody well deserves.

What will the show be like without the love/hate relationship central to viewing Moffat’s Who? What will life be like without our regular Saturday night merking? Even more scarily, what fallout will there be from the arrival of Chernobyly on the scene? All these issues (and many more) will be discussed in this February eve treat!

'Moffat's Gone' Podcast

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One of his many Sherlock films!! 

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