Wednesday, 29 July 2015

'Love and Monsters'

Ah, there's nothing like sitting down and getting ready to spend 45 minutes in the company of our good friends Rose and Doctor - wait, what?

Well, it appears *something* is amiss as it would seem El Docto and Rosie are virtually absent from this week's adventure, as this week begins a now firmly established tradition in New Who - that of the doctor/companion-lite episode that allows the production team to record two episodes simultaneously and thus fit in the production of the Christmas Special into a 13 episode production run. But does this plan work? Does Russell T Dog successfully weave a tale that keeps the audience engaged in the absence of well, the main reason we've tuned in?

So, lean back, activate your Sony Walk Man and fetch a spade - things are about to get messy!

'Love and Monsters' commentary

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Love and Monsters: The Doctor Who Experience, 1979 to the Present

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