Sunday, 28 June 2015

'The Impossible Planet'


That’s the name of the game in this show (that and running) and this week we’re doing a bit of both as the Doctor (Doctor Who) and Rose (Billie) take one of their trips to a planet that, as Davey Tennant reliably tells us, is quite impossible.

And, would you believe it, there’s a fair number of mysteries knocking about there. We’re talking hieroglyphic acne, telepathic spaghetti men and, most shocking of all, Rose’s phone signal is, like, proper shit. These myriad mysteries demand answers and you’re certainly not going to get any this week as this is the first entry in a two-parter - one that we traditionally view very fondly - but has memory fitted us with billie-tinted spectacles, or is this a work of unmitigated genius?

There’s only one way to find out and that’s to ride this mother all the way down - like a rollercoaster!

'The Impossible Planet' commentary

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David Tennant in his star turn Richard II

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