Wednesday, 13 August 2014

'The Empty Child'

Ah, the Second World War -they were the good old days, right? That sense of national pride. The reckless unprotected sex with virtual strangers. The sense that you or your loved ones could be obliterated at any moment. Yep, them truly were the golden years - and this week, Doctor Who is proving it, as old Ecclescake takes us back to an era where if you were brave enough to maybe get blown up, you could go and steal your neighbour's underwear with complete impunity.

But aside from thieving used tea bags, the Doctor and Rose have a whole different game ahead of them this week as they must deal with a small boy (or as the podcast may claim, adult woman) who basically does not know who the feck his Mam is.

So, join our intrepid time agents on yet another caper, as they attempt to deal with Stevie Moffat's first foray into the world of New Who - things will never be the same!

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