Wednesday, 29 March 2017

'The Doctors Daughter'

Ah, adulthood sneaks up on us all, doesn’t it? Sometimes in subtle ways - you’ll find yourself using a phrase of your parents, or adopting one of their strange personality quirks. Sometimes it’s in more obvious ways, like when Chris from ‘Skins’ sticks your arm in a Clone-o-matic and before you know it, you’re dealing with some alarmingly attractive offspring cramping your style!

That’s the position Tennant finds himself in this week, as he joins the ranks of Big Boss and Chris from ‘Skins’ to fight some fish men for reasons - but he’s soon dealing with a bouncing bundle of joy in the form of Georgia Moffett’s Jenny. So, join us, as we attempt to navigate ourselves around the tricky territory of becoming a single Dad - but more importantly as we try and avoid making a series of super sexy, super meta incest jokes!


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