Tuesday, 8 November 2016

'Partners in Crime'

Everyone enjoys fitness, right? Hitting the treadmill, feeling the burn, the rush of endorphins! But what if you DON”T enjoy feeling the burn, but DO want to stay as svelte as TV’s Doctor Who in one of his tight suits? Well, Russel T Davies has got you covered, because he’s introducing a program where your excess chub can now be turned into absolutely adorable little creatures who make delightful noises and give you friendly friendly waves!

But adorable chub-creatures aside, is this episode a bitter pill to swallow? Or does the Combined Comedy Chops of Daniel Tennant and Catherine Taterson brush aside any misgivings with a somewhat legendary mime sequence? There’s only one way to find out, so uncork your pill bottle, run a glass of water and gobble down a mouthful of magic beans - because your chub is about to get that bit more adorable!

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