Thursday, 15 September 2016

'Last of the Time Lords'

The last one. The last EVER. Last ever podcast for a series 3 episode that is!

*chortle chortle*

After a long and fairly circuitous path, we've finally wound our way to the end of series 3, the culmination of the twenty episode Master arc and the departure of old Martha from the role of full time companion. There are bound to be tears, it's only natural. But are they tears of sadness, or of joy?

More importantly, will we find that 'Last of the Time Lords' saves or squanders the storyline set in motion by 'Utopia'? There's a lot riding on this and we're not going to let you down by delivering a succinct, digestible slice of podcast - oh no, quite the opposite! So take your laser screwdriver, jam it up your bum, set it to full discharge and prepare to watch this series three finale from your little cute birdcage!

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