Tuesday, 15 March 2016

‘Daleks in Manhattan’

Daleks! But where? In Manhattan, that’s where!

We’re crashing into another two-parter, or a doublé as they’re traditionally known, and it’s only one featuring those devilish tin can menaces that so frequently plague our wonderfully haired hero. But this time, the Daleks aren’t alone. Is it the Cybermen? Is it the Autons? The yet-to-be introduced Weeping angels? No, fool, it’s some…pig…slaves?

‘Daleks in Manhattan’ kicks off a two-parter that frequently comes near the bottom of lists ranking New Who - but is this a reputation that’s truly deserved? Will we turn our noses up at the episode like Martha Jones sleuthing her way through the sewers, or will we breathe deeply the episode’s aroma, like a rose left on our dressing table by our absent Pig Slave lover?

You know what to do!

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