Sunday, 8 February 2015

'School Reunion'

Ah, school!

The best days of your life, you know what I'm sayin'? Remember that time when the metal dog broke into the dinner hall and started shooting the bat people - Wait, what?

That's right, school is most definitely NOT out (for, uh, summer), as Mr John Smith, substitute teacher extraordinaire, is here to teach us all about PHYSICS and whilst he does it, engage in hunting out those in positions of power who intend harm to children. No, this ain't Yewtree, this is the last of the Time Lords and his travelling dinnerlady getting down to some hardcore sleuthing in the halls of the local comprehensive - but with the unexpected return of an old and beloved face, the Doctor's going to be finding out more than the truth this week - he's going to find out he can be a right careless bastard.

Often one of the best regarded early instalments of New Who, this episode was thrown together swiftly, but does it show? Can you sense the cracks? Is it a school reunion we're glad we went to?

'School Reunion' commentary

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Anthony Head Classic!!

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