Monday, 28 July 2014

'The Long Game'

Well, well!

Nestled in the middle of Peter Ecclstone's debut/farewell tour as the Doctor is this surprising gem of an episode! Yes, what might initially seem like a run of the mill/monster of the week adventure for the TARDIS posse has a lot more going on in it than us WHINECAST boys ever remembered and hell, it's a ruddy pleasure!

We've got thwarted teenage romances! There's intrigue, deception, social commentary! There's Simone Peggles, a genuine movie star, as our kooky villain! Not to mention some some sexy surgery and an endearingly surly Ninth Doctor.

So, get yourself a hole in your head, gobble down a cronk burger, smoke some death sticks and step onto Satellite Five for an audience with The Editor!

'The Long Game' commentary

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The Whinecast Boyz couldn't recommend this early work of Mr Pegg highly enough.

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